A Cleveland Dental Lab with Idealism and Experience

The heart of our Cleveland dental lab is our professionally trained team, whose ideals are to give their all to make your experience as pleasant as possible from the time your case arrives to the time you seat the restoration. Our dental laboratory and our team can look back on many years of experience that have made the dental laboratory what it is today. 


Our History


Thomas Csapo was raised by master European tailors and developed an appreciation for the traditions of fine European craftsmanship. In 1973, Tom opened a small dental laboratory that combined the values of the finest European artisans with Tom's natural aesthetic insitncts. As a result, the brand "Csapo" soon became synonymous with functional and aesthetic excellence.


Csapo began to carry out significant research on new materials and innovative approaches to design, never tabling the quality and craftsmanship with the brand.


Today, Csapo continues to explore and create entirely original products and services, expressing in its workmanship and impeccable quality a strength that is singularly Csapo's.


Experience Teamwork and Collaboration

Comfortable communication, a first-rate dental laboratory and exclusive service. The right choice for a professional relationship! Whether you're looking for general dentistry restorations, or whether you're here for cosmetic dentistry restorations, Csapo Dental Arts is your place to experience teamwork and collaboration.


Experience Dependability and Consistancy

A experienced laboratory, dependable turn around times and consistant restorations. - that's what you can expect at Csapo Dental Arts.


Experience Aesthetics & Function

Advanced training in smile design, facial aesthetics and occlusion.

The management and employees of Csapo Dental Arts look forward to welcoming and serving you in our dental laboratory. Just give us a call at 1-440-734-6222 or simply send us an email.



Kalman Csapo